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    Black Hills Motorcycle Classic Ring-Med-SS
    I just received this ring. It is awesome.It is a good fit...

    5 of 5 Stars!

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    About Our Company


    Superior Casting Ltd. started out as a small business in Canada in 1979, working out of a small shop with crude but usable designs and equipment. They steadily grew to become one of the top designers and manufacturers of fine biker jewelry, using state of the art equipment to insure quality and satisfaction.

    Superior Casting Ltd. has sold rings world wide including Australia, Germany, France, Japan, USA and Canada. They have supplied thousands of satisfied customers.

    In 2003, Superior Casting Co. was sold to Malcolm and Ann Gibson, who moved the operations to the US

    The new owners are determined to continue the long tradition of outstanding quality and value that our customers have grown used to.

    Our quality and your satisfaction are number one.

    Our services have expanded to include an assortment of original designs and remakes of old popular designs. We can also do one of a kind originals, and special event rings. E-mail for quotes.

    Our Manufacturing Process


    The product starts out as a pressure injected wax copy which is sized, inspected and polished before being centrifugally cast. Next the model goes through a burn out cycle in our state of the art thermostatically controlled burnout ovens for a ten to a twelve hour period. After a cool down period, the model is cast in our sophisticated centrifugal casting machines. Centrifugal force being one of the strongest natural forces injects the molten metal into the mold forcing the molecules tightly together creating one of the strongest, densest, most porous free casts of all the casting processes.

    Next, the model gets cleaned, de-oxidized and inspected for a second time before being moved to the finishing operation. The next step is the process of finishing; working through a number of compounds and techniques; being visually inspected after each step. The finished product is cleaned and inspected one more time before being carefully packaged and shipped directly to you by the fastest possible means.

    Each ring is individually sized , inspected & finished for you, the customer. The sizing operation is done before the ring is cast eliminating a soldered joint in the ring which guards against weak spots in the band, so please allow 2 to 4 weeks for delivery. Superior Casting Co. will custom size any ring to fit you. Visit a reputable jeweler to determine the correct ring size, then include the sizing with your order, or use our chart on the ordering information page.

    Each of the 3 steps is equally important , as the more attention paid to each step the better the quality is controlled . With a minimum of 5 visual inspections you can be assured of getting top quality material & workmanship with each fine piece of jewelry we offer.


    • 38 years combined experience
    • top quality material
    • top quality workmanship
    • solid sterling silver or gold; not hollow junk
    • one piece heavy duty band, not soldered

    Superior Casting Co.
    8800 P.R. 5204
    Athens, TX USA75751
    email: info@sturgisrings.com
    Phone Number- 903-677-6196  

    Copyright © 2004 - 2008, Superior Casting Co., All designs Copyright Protected



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